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I’m so happy you’re here! Welcome to the very first Plan + Simple blog post! We wanted to use this first post to tell you about who we are, what we do, and what's to come!

Plan + Simple is a small, event planning business based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, run by Courtney, Kristen, and myself, Emilie. Courtney and Kristen met in 2013, which means that they’ve known each other for almost 6 years! They met during their freshman year at Duquesne University, where they both decided to audition for a dance group. While being taught the audition piece, instead of demonstrating, the instructors began explaining the choreography using only dance terminology. Knowing only a few of the terms and having just a small dance background, Courtney felt pretty lost. Thankfully, Kristen, who had previously danced for 15 years, stepped in and helped her out. They ended up being placed in the same dance class, and from there they became the best of friends! They kept in touch as Kristen studied abroad and got their first apartment together their junior year of college. Since then, they’ve been there for all of each other’s big moments, including starting their own business together!

Courtney and I first met in 1998 - 20 years of knowing each other! We met at the hospital, where our mom had just had me, giving Courtney her first and only baby sister! From the moment we met, Courtney and I were best friends, and we did just about everything together. We both danced, we dabbled in theatre, and then in high school we both joined colorguard. We’ve shared all of our life-changing moments together and it’s been such a joy to watch each other grow and start our own lives! Being sisters, Courtney and I connect on another level. We’re more often than not on the exact same page as each other before we even talk about events, which makes it super easy to plan things together.

Kristen and I obviously met through Courtney, but for as long as I can remember, Courtney’s friends have always been my friends, too. Being both baby sister and best friend, I was invited to tag along and share in every adventure.

Why We Started Plan + Simple

Courtney, Kristen, and I all got married within one year of each other! We all learned very quickly the fun and excitement that comes with planning, but also the stress that follows when it’s your own event. Let’s be honest - planning a wedding is no easy task. We all loved to be creative and think outside the box when problems arose. We made sure our own personal touches made their way in to every aspect of our days. Then, when everything was finally set up, the decorations were done, and every task had a check mark next to it, we got to see the beauty of our finished product. We made our dream weddings come to life and it was like magic! That’s why we started Plan + Simple. We want to create that magical feeling for everyone for any kind of event. Not only do we want to make that moment happen, we also want to take away the stress that comes before it. We want brides and grooms, parents-to-be, graduates - everyone really - to be able to celebrate entirely without worrying about if the cake made it to the venue or who’s going to clean up after. We want to be the ones to do it for you, and we honestly love it. I think the three of us really found a love for planning events when we threw each others’ bridal showers. Suddenly, that special moment that we were creating became even more important to us. We wanted things to be perfect for someone other than ourselves and the outcome was the amazing!

What’s to Come on the Blog

We’re so excited to start up our blog! It’s our goal to share our personal lives on the blog, but also give tips and stories about planning different types of events. We also will blog about different events that we plan! Click here to "like" us on Facebook and click here to "follow" us on Instagram to make sure that you don’t miss anything! You can expect a new blog post every Saturday, but until then, have a happy weekend!

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