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Wedding Must-Haves

Lists of must-haves change from person to person. No two people are the same and every wedding is completely unique. However, here at Plan + Simple, there are some things that we think should be staples at every wedding!

A Great Support System

It’s so important to have people there cheering you on! Wedding days can be so emotional, so you want your crew to be ready to help you through it all. Whether it’s your family or friends that are practically family, make sure that on your wedding day you have people that are there for you and your soon-to-be spouse. 

Great Food

If you’re like me, having good food is SO important. I’m a person who can get pretty hangry, so making sure that you and your wedding party are eating all day. It’s easy to forget to have breakfast or lunch ready after you’ve spent your whole engagement planning for that one big meal (the food at your reception). Plan to have someone pick up some breakfast and lunch (or have it delivered) to keep yourself and your wedding party happy, not hangry, the whole day through.

A Coordinator

Whether it's a family member, a friend, or a professional, find somebody to coordinate either the whole day or at least the big parts of the day! The parts of the day that get the most hectic tend to be before the ceremony, getting everybody lined up and down the aisle, and before the reception, getting everybody ready to do the Grand Entrance. While it’s not a bad idea to have a coordinator the whole day through, we think it’s super important to have someone there for those crazy moments!

Transportation Plans

Brides and Grooms often ride to their ceremony sites separately. Then, they finally get that big moment of seeing each other! Whether that’s at the altar or at a first look, after the couple is married and ready to leave, they typically want to leave together! Make sure to have a plan for your vehicles! Limos, party busses, or vans are always nice and can definitely make things easier but they’re not always feasible. Talk to your family and wedding party about the best way for everyone to get from point A to B ahead of time to eliminate stress! 

Comfy Shoes

This might sound silly because you obviously have the perfect outfit planned for your big day already, but give your wedding party an extra pair of shoes to bring to the reception for you! I spent most of my reception barefoot. As much as I LOVED my wedding shoes and broke them in before my actual wedding day, they just weren’t comfortable to wear for a whole day. Looking back, I wish I would have brought some moccasins or flip flops to wear later on. 

Wedding days can be stressful! Being mindful of these must-haves can help to keep your nerves at bay, make you more relaxed, and allow your day to run smoothly!

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