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Spy Themed Gender Reveal

It's official! There are only a few weeks left until we meet Courtney's baby boy! Saying that the Plan + Simple team is excited would be a HUGE understatement. We're so ready for baby boy to be here that we decided to throw it back to Courtney's gender reveal that we planned in March! We had a blast throwing this Spy Themed Party!

We started out sending letters to the guests invited. We told them that they were selected to be a part of a special mission!

When each guest arrived, they were given special, custom name tags and were "fingerprinted." They had to guess which gender they thought baby would be by picking either pink or blue ink!

Before guests (and Courtney + Christian) arrived, we set two trails of clues around the house. Courtney and Christian each had a team of guests and competed against each other. Once they found the last clue, it would lead to a box that contained the "gender identification missiles," AKA, the confetti poppers!

Here's Miss Marley, Courtney's dog, all dressed up and ready to go! We obviously HAD to make her a name tag too!

The guests all showed up in their spy attire, wearing all black and looking super classy. We were so happy everyone participated in the dress code!

Leah knew what the gender of her baby cousin was, but she promised that she wouldn't tell her Aunt Cookie and Uncle Christian.

Once all the guests had arrived, we started the mission and the teams raced around the house looking for clues! It was so much fun and the teams both made it to the last clue at the same time. But Courtney's team solved the riddle first, and found the top secret box!

We took the box upstairs and opened it. Inside we had some fun signs to take pictures with before we revealed the gender!

After we took our picture, we passed out the confetti poppers and counted down from three! The moment Courtney, Christian, and the rest of the guests found out that baby is a boy was SO special and so much fun!

It's a boy! We handed Christian a little boy's outfit with a name tag, and it was so sweet to see how he and Courtney reacted to it!

Baby boy's little outfit was the stand-in for him in all of the pictures!

Courtney and two of her best friends started a tradition where if one friend goes somewhere fun without the others, they take a picture in that place with a picture of the friends so it's like they were all there together. Courtney's friend Megan lives in Florida and couldn't make it up here, so this is a picture of the "three" of them!

Courtney and I are so excited for our babies to be best friends and grow up together like we did!

Mama, Daddy, and Marley were thrilled to find out that they were having a little boy!

These months have flown by and it's so hard to believe that baby boy is coming so soon! We can hardly wait to love on him in person. We hope that one day he looks back at these crazy pictures (maybe even at this crazy blog post) and smiles knowing how much we loved him before we even knew him!

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