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Scott's Graduation Party

Last Saturday, we had the BEST time celebrating Scott's graduation! The Plan + Simple team spent hours perfecting every detail for the day, and it turned out amazing. All of the guests spent the evening eating, laughing, and dancing -- which made our event planning hearts explode with joy!

Let's start with this entrance. The guests (and the P+S team) had a blast walking through this anytime they had to run outside for something. The kids loved it, the adults loved it and it was so simple, yet beautiful!

We loved how classy the long tablecloths and chair covers looked!

Scott's mom sent us an inspiration picture and we worked to create these fun, sparkly centerpieces for each of her 8 tables! We also surprised her with some handmade, custom confetti so that the party would feel even more personalized.

Scott is on the Autism spectrum so we placed a fact about Autism on each table for the guests to read.

The table settings were so simple, yet so elegant. The pops of color from the favors really made the tables look exciting!

For the favors, Scott's mom had the idea of making custom ornaments for each guest to take home. On one side hung a puzzle piece (a symbol for Autism) and the other side had an S (for Scott). The Plan + Simple team handmade each of the 60 ornaments!

Scott's mom really wanted to stress that "Autism is not a disability, it's a different ability." She had that saying printed on to these cute cups that each guest got to take home with them!

The balloon bunches in each centerpiece added great height to the overall design!

The Plan + Simple crew waiting for the party to start!

We had a SUPER fun candy buffet, complete with cupcakes and cookies from Oakmont Bakery!

As the party went on, the Plan + Simple team put the cupcakes into boxes with custom mascot stickers!

We set up a fun "Kid's Table" with stickers, play dough, crayons, coloring sheets, and some other fun things! The table kept the kiddos at the party entertained the whole way through.

We couldn't have gotten everything done without our setup crew!

Did you guys know that there's a helium shortage? Because there totally is. THANKFULLY, balloon arches don't require any helium! We created this beautiful balloon arch, which added just enough color and height to our party design. It made for a great photo backdrop and it was great to watch guests take photos with it through the night!

Congratulations, Scott! We are so thankful that we were able to play a part in your big day. The Plan + Simple team wishes you the best of luck in your upcoming adventures!

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