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Planning a Birthday Party That Everyone Will Love

Birthdays are a reason to party year round and honestly, who doesn’t love a good birthday party? However, what do you do when your party list contains guests from ages 1-99? It’s so easy to have a great party for adults, but it be a boring party for kids or vice versa. Here are some of our tips and tricks to planning a birthday party that everyone will love.

There are 3 big things that make a party worth while. The food, the music, and the activities.

The Food: For me, good food at a party is the number one thing I look forward to. It’s so important to have a variety, but also to make it friendly for all ages of guests. Most kids won’t eat a tuna/chicken salad sandwich, and most adults wouldn’t pick juice boxes as their go-to drink. Maybe stick with a chicken tender platter and have some soda for the adults at the party! You could also do a nacho bar, a taco bar, an ice cream sundae bar, and let everyone pick and choose exactly what they want! Or, stick to the theme of your party with your food. For example, we have a baseball themed baby shower coming up and we’re doing stadium food. This leaves tons of wiggle room for adults and kids to enjoy all we have to offer! Construction themed party? Dirt Dessert. Princess party? Little sandwiches and iced tea. The chances are, if you make your food fun, people will be excited to eat it! Another important thing to think about is allergies! Especially if you’re throwing a party with tons of kids, you want to check your guest list to make sure nobody has severe allergies. If they do, go that extra mile and get something separate for them! They’ll be so thankful to be able to fit right in with the rest of the party.

The Music: Music can really set the mood for the whole day. Whether there will be dancing or not, having some type of music playing is going to take your party to the next level! While you definitely want to play clean, kid friendly music, maybe give the adults at the party a break from Baby Shark and all of the other songs that play on repeat in their house during the day. Bonus points if you put on some common dance to songs like, The Cha Cha Slide! Definitely take advantage of all of the music options we have now! You could make a Spotify playlist (or use a pre existing one), you could make your own playlist on Itunes, or you could go the “old fashioned” route and make a CD of all of the songs you want to play! Make sure you have some sort of speaker, turn up the volume, and get the party started!

The Activities: Planning activities, even if they’re small, can make or break your party! If you’re having a party that’s mostly for sitting down and socializing, bring some crayons and coloring pages for the kids. If you’re having a kids party and considering hiring entertainment, maybe go for a magician! Most adults would be pretty interested in watching a few tricks. It’s so important to have activities for everyone to keep them busy so that they’re not counting down the minutes until they can leave. If your party is outside you could buy some chalk and bubbles for little kids, have cornhole, frisbee, football -- anything to make sure there is something that everyone will love!.

The most important tip I have is to be mindful of the guests you’re inviting! Remember that while your number one goal is to make the birthday boy or girl happy, it’s also your goal to make the people attending happy!

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