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Hey, y’all! Happy Sunday! As our business is growing and changing, we’ve been thinking more and more about our blog and where exactly we want to go with it. We’ve decided that we want to share some more of our personal lives on the blog — giving life updates, talking about accomplishments & fails — stuff like that! Not only will it help our clients and followers know us better, but it’ll be amazing for everyone on the team to look back in a few years and see what was going on in our lives.

While we’re going to make things more personal, we’re still going to keep blogging about our events that we plan and blogging about tips for weddings, engagements, and party planning. We love what we do with event planning and want to tell all of you about it, but we also want to share all of the other important things that happen in our lives!

We’re all so excited to make this change! So keep an eye out for our blog post next week for a life update from one of our team members!

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