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Welcome to our site! Courtney, Emilie, and I decided to start Plan + Simple Event Design Services after years of planning events for friends and family. We saw how much joy it would bring them to have us take care of the details so they could actually enjoy their event. After seeing this, we decided we wanted to bring our services to as many people as possible. I am so excited to work with our clients to give them the least stressful day possible and the event of their dreams! All that said, I’m sure you want to know a little bit about who you’ll be working with!

Looking over Nice, France.

Hi there! I’m Kristen. I come to the business with a marketing background. I am currently pursuing an MBA from Lehigh University (go Mountain Hawks!) and work in project management (so, along the same lines as event planning in the business world). Though our company is based in Pittsburgh, I am located in the Lehigh Valley, PA, but I join the team on the day of events to help out when I'm needed! I take care of a lot of the behind the scenes work at P + S, like legal filings and accounting work.

Seeing the Colosseum in Rome.

My biggest hobby is traveling and I would never turn down an opportunity to see something new! I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland in college and am planning a trip back to Europe to visit family in Switzerland next September. I am also a huge podcast fan, and some of my favorites discuss economics and history. If I am not out exploring the world, you will probably find me at home cooking dinner with a meal delivery service kit. We get two deliveries a week to my house, so we're always cooking up something fun! I love any chance to try something new and have found them to be a really fun and healthy way to expand my cooking skills and my pallet for new foods!

Liam and me at our wedding reception!

But enough about me! Everything I accomplish on a daily basis would not be possible without my wonderful husband’s support. My husband, Liam, and I have been together since high school and got married about 8 months ago. He is a lifelong hockey fanatic and coaches several youth teams on the side. While I tend to be more analytical, Liam is my more creative half and spends his free time playing guitar or piano and songwriting. We love going out to eat at great restaurants (I guess you could call us ‘foodies’) and going on trips together.

Shelby playing at home.

The last member of our little family is our dog, Shelby. She is a rescue and a complete mutt. She is about a foot off the ground, but weighs 40 pounds. I have heard her described as the slinky dog from Toy Story, which is pretty accurate with her long body and short legs. It’s her uniqueness that we love, though. :) She is super friendly (she is lovingly known as ‘Wiggle Butt’ around our house) and a real cuddler. Shelby’s favorite things include meeting new people, playing fetch, and going for long walks.

I am so excited to work with you and plan the event of your dreams! I love playing my role in the process and seeing all the unique things about each and every event. My favorite thing is being able to take the burden of the details off your plate so that your only job is to create memories!

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