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Meet Emilie

Me at Myrtle Beach.

Hi! I’m so happy that you made your way to our blog! Handing the reins over to someone else on such an important day is a big commitment and not an easy task. I’m so glad that you’re trusting me, along with my partners, to make your day magical! There is no better way to plan an event for someone than really getting to know them and their dreams for their day! So while I’m thrilled to get to know my clients, I want to share my story and my life with all of you to really help you get to know me!

Me, Leah, Zeb, and Stewart.

Meet my wonderful, little family! My family is my inspiration and motivation for everything I do. They turn my bad days in to happy days and my happy days in to the best days!

Zeb, my husband, is a lover of all things Michael Jackson, boats, and being outside. Zeb spends his time working at his family’s HVAC business, singing in the choir at church, working on projects around the house, and spending time with me and our baby girl. He knows me so much better than I know myself that I often find myself asking him to make my small decisions for me - which outfit I should wear, what kind of snack do I want, what time he thinks I should go shopping - Zeb has all of the best advice for me and I wouldn’t want it any other way! We got married in August of 2017, bought our first home March of 2018, and welcomed our baby girl in to the world in December of 2018! Despite how quickly our life-changing events have happened, Zeb and I like to live a pretty simple, laid-back lifestyle.

Leah, our baby girl, is such a blessing! She fills our days with so much laughter and joy. Leah is four months old and loves chewing on her toys, playing in her jumper seat and exersaucer, and watching our puppy run around the house! She has hit huge milestones recently. Leah smiles and laughs at us, has started to reach for her Mama and Daddy, and can now roll over from her tummy to back and from her back to tummy! Baby proofing, here we come!

Stewart, our sweet puppy, is a two year old Rottweiler-Beagle mix. Most people hear Rottweiler and think “oh no” but Stewart is scared of most things (leaves blowing in the wind, for example) and wouldn’t harm a fly! He is a high energy pup who spends his days looking out our front window, chasing the cats, and barking at the mailman.

Gizzy and Pumpkin snuggling!

Last, but certainly not least, Zeb and I have two kitties named Gizzy and Pumpkin that make our family whole (for now). They spend their days cuddling with each other and finding spots of sunlight to lay in.

Me and Leah getting ready for one of our first outings after she was born.

Then there’s me! I’m Emilie. I’m a stay-at-home Mama and I spend all day everyday taking care of Leah - it’s simply the best! I love to read, write, binge-watch shows on Netflix, and dream up new house projects for my Mr. Fix-It husband. I prefer hot tea over coffee, salty snacks over sweet, and warm summer days over cool winter days. On a typical day you can catch me singing (terribly) along to some of my favorite musicals - Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, and Cats are my top three favorites. Most people who know me well know that I always have my next meal planned out in my head. If I’m eating breakfast, I’m thinking about lunch. If I’m eating dinner, I’m thinking about the snack I’m going to eat later. I’m always up for trying new food and taking a trip to some of my favorite places to eat. During the winter I like to stay bundled up inside watching Rom-Coms, but during the summer you can find us outside enjoying the weather on walks or spending time visiting our families. We also set aside a few weekends in the summer to take a trip to Zeb’s family’s lake house at Deep Creek Lake.

Deep Creek Lake

I love making moments for people and love to be on the giving side of surprises (not so much the receiving side). Being a Mama has made me a firm believer that little moments aren’t so little after all! They should be celebrated just the same! I love to do the “planning” to make your life “simple” and to make your event dreams come true! I love pouring out all of my creative energy in to every event that we get to be a part of!

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