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Leah's First Birthday

Two weeks ago, we celebrated our sweet Leah's 1st birthday! This year has flown by so fast and our little girl has grown and changed so much. A week before her first birthday, Leah decided that she was done with crawling! She stood up, starting walking, and hasn't stopped since. Leah can also say so many words now! It is so much fun to hear her try to repeat what we're saying. My favorite word that she says is "snack!" Leah is becoming a pro at independent playtime and will play by herself for 20-30 minute stretches before she walks over and hands me a toy. Just this past week Leah has started to bring me books to read to her which has been so sweet! She will toddle over with a book, set it in my lap, and then squat down next to me to listen to a couple of pages (then she gets bored and walks away). Leah has also experienced two big changes since turning one! She now sleeps in her crib, in her own room (instead of in a pack n play in our room) and drinks milk instead of formula! I think Zeb and I weren't ready to make these changes but Leah very clearly was! She sleeps like a pro in her crib and has switched to milk like a champ. Our baby is officially a toddler and we are so looking forward to watching her grow and learn new things every day.

The Saturday after Leah's birthday, 45 of our closest family members and friends gathered in our church's fellowship hall to celebrate at her "Tea Party."

One of the biggest things that I wanted at Leah's party was some sort of accent wall. When we decided on a tea party theme, I knew that I HAD to have a flower wall, and I was so happy with how it turned out! I found the artificial rose vines and artificial roses on amazon for an amazing price! The tulle that I used to create her high chair skirt is actually tulle that we used to decorate at our wedding. I love finding good deals and uses for things that I already have so this flower wall area was definitely my favorite part of the party!

When I chose a tea party theme for Leah's party, I knew that I didn't want to actually make it a traditional tea party. I mainly just wanted a pretty girly theme, so to make my theme happen, I bought teacups at our local fleatique store to use as part of the centerpieces. I also used more of the artificial roses as the focal point of the tables.

I ordered a big, pink, girly cake and my sister-in-law made some amazing fruit tarts! I also added the "sweet girl" sign that was a gift from our cousin, the "In a field of roses" sign, and my favorite book to read to Leah. I love adding sentimental touches to parties and now those signs serve as decor in Leah's room!

Thanks to the help of our family, we had yummy sandwiches, fruit, soup, cheesy potatoes and a salad bar! Everything went so perfectly with our tea party theme, and we thankfully didn't have a ton of food leftover!

Leah had a blast opening her presents! She was crawling all over the boxes, helping pull the gifts out of bags, and ripping some of the paper! I couldn't have asked for a more cooperative little one, even if she ran away from opening presents a few times!

On Leah's actual birthday, Zeb and I sang "Happy Birthday" to her in the morning and she cried big crocodile tears until we stopped. As we tried to sing to her multiple times that day, the same thing happened. She just didn't like the "Happy Birthday" song. So when it came time to sing to her at her birthday party, we had no idea what was going to happen. She thankfully cried for a second, and then was cheerful for the rest of the song!

Leah loved her cake! Foods with Leah can be so hit or miss, so we were pleasantly surprised when she went elbows deep into her smash cake! She mostly painted her high chair with the icing, but she seemed to like the few bites that she actually took!

Zeb and I are so thankful to be this little girl's Mama and Dada. She lights up our lives and keeps us on our toes! We are also so thankful for everyone that has loved Leah, visited her, prayed for her, watched her, and sent us encouraging words over this past year! We can't wait to see our girl grow over this next year!

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