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Kristen's November Updates

Snaps for Me!

  • We had our first bridal show booth this past weekend! We were all so thrilled with how well it went and could not be more excited to do our next show! It was amazing to meet all the brides to be and get to hear a little about each one of their weddings.

  • I am more than halfway done with my financial accounting class. Once this class is done, I’ll only have 4 semesters left until I graduate with my MBA!

The whole team came to say hi at the bridal show!

Life Updates

Things have been super crazy the last few weeks at the Lansang household. In the time since we got back from our European vacation just over a month ago, I’ve traveled to Chicago and Pittsburgh, we had Courtney, Christian, and Maverick stay with us for a weekend, and we had a hole in our roof repaired along with a large section of drywall replaced in our bedroom.

I came home from work prepared to pack for 5 days of travel to find our bed and dresser covered in plastic and a giant section of wall removed!

During my time in Pittsburgh, we had so much fun! I got to spend some quality time with baby Mav and was so happy to get to know him better. He is turning into a really expressive little guy and developing his own personality. It is so fun to watch! Since I only see him about once a month, it is always crazy to see the changes in him between visits.

We had such a blast coordinating Laura and Travis’ wedding! It was at a beautiful venue, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and all the decor looked amazing! (Big thanks to the venue too for being so great to work with!) We were also blown away by how sweet Laura and Travis and their families were, even during such an emotional time. They were so grateful for our work, and it made every minute worth it. Congratulations, you two, and I wish you a long and happy life together!

We also worked our first bridal show booth on Sunday. That was also a lot of work, but I really loved meeting everyone! We had tons of people sign up for our raffle and gave away all of our Wedding Day Emergency Kits. The Plinko game was a huge hit, and so many people stopped to check out our booth because of it. I am hopeful that future shows will go this well, but only time will tell!

Alas, as wedding season dies down, things should be relatively calm for the next few weeks. But I am looking forward to the holidays, and now, I can officially start listening to my Christmas music!


I saw my first snow of the season on Halloween while in Chicago! (Not sure if I’m ready for more snow yet, though!)

I had a great view from my hotel, but look at all that snow!

It is officially the Christmas season! I am very excited to spend the next few weekends preparing for the holidays and decorating our house with all things Christmas!

I already picked out the tree I want to buy from Lowe’s, so now we just need to buy Christmas lights!

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