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Kristen's July Updates

Island Beach State Park, NJ

Snaps for Me!

  • I’m officially halfway through my summer class, Project Management Fundamentals. Only 4 more semesters to go until I get my MBA!

  • I celebrated my 24th birthday last Saturday, so I am officially another year older!

Life Updates

July has been a busy month in the Lansang household! On top of the other life updates, I am currently taking a condensed summer class, so it is a 3 credit class in six weeks. I am also taking 2 separate 1 credit weekend classes that have additional homework. So 5 credits in 6 weeks has been a lot to manage on top of everything else going on, but I am so thankful we have a lot of support from family to keep things moving. Shoutout to our siblings and parents who are always around to help with the dog and logistics when we need it!

I have been really busy at my office job, too, since my supervisor left last week on maternity leave. It has been a lot to take on some of her projects and keep driving them forward in her absence, but it really makes you appreciate how much work your coworkers get done! It has been a great learning experience in the two weeks she has been out, and I am sure I will learn so much more in the remaining months. I am helping to roll out some big projects that have been in the works for months and even years and it’s pretty cool to see it all come together.

It has also been great to finally have the house in order. Back in April we moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a townhouse. Having the extra space has been great, but trying to fill it with usable furniture has been a struggle! We want to buy things that we can reuse and keep, but we are on a budget and needed a lot of pieces. We finally have a kitchen table, a couch in each living space, and area rugs and coffee tables to match. I feel comfortable saying it’s almost there -- we just need one more arm chair and some more office furniture. But now, the fun part can begin… the decorating!


We spent the day on Friday at the beach! We lucked out with the weather since it wasn’t quite as hot on Friday. Shelby had such a good time digging in the sand. She was scared to go into the water and I don’t blame her. The waves at the Jersey shore can get pretty big, and she is only a foot off the ground. But she had a blast with everything else.

We went with my brother and his girlfriend to see Thomas Rhett in Concert in Hershey for my birthday. We saw Rhett Atkins (fun fact - that’s Thomas Rhett’s dad!), Russell Dickerson, and Dustin Lynch when they opened for him. Despite it being over 100 degrees, we had a great time -- and a lot of water :)

I spent the day on Sunday with my family celebrating my birthday, and they even got me an ice cream cake (my absolute favorite!). It was still really hot on Sunday and we spent most of the evening in the pool until the thunderstorms rolled in. I was so thankful that all 9 of us were able to celebrate together, though, and we were even able to see my in-laws who also got me a cake.

On the way to the concert on Saturday. I am sporting the lovely blue sunglasses Christian got all his groomsmen for his and Courtney’s wedding!

Halfway through his set, Thomas Rhett surprised the crowd by playing a few songs on a second stage in the middle of the stadium floor. As you can see, our seats were quite far away, so it was great to be able to see a little better!

Digging that giant hole was tough work huh, Shelby?!

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