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Kristen's December Updates

Snaps for Me!

  • I finished my fall semester of my MBA program! I only have 4 semesters left to go and can officially check off Managing Financial Resources from my list of classes to take.

  • I joined the United Way Emerging Leaders program for 2020! I’m super excited to get involved in volunteer work again. It’s been a while since my days in Gamma Sigma Sigma where I was volunteering every week.

  • We have really gotten into the Christmas spirit this year! We were able to do so many Christmas things so far and have a lot more planned. I can’t wait for the holiday this year!

Life Updates

The holidays are in full swing in the Lansang house right now. We chopped down our first real Christmas tree this year and we're so happy with how it looked all decorated!

Special thanks to my grandma who made the stockings and tree skirt!

We had a great Thanksgiving too! As much as we love seeing everyone for each holiday, it often leads to a crazy day and a lot of running around. We were thankful that this year we only had two stops to make, my aunts and Liam’s parents. So we only had two Thanksgiving dinners this year, down from the usual three or four! It ended up being a nice relaxing day where we caught up with a lot of relatives from out of town.

After Thanksgiving though, we jumped right into Christmas! We went Black Friday shopping at a local outlet mall that night. We have a tradition with my brother that we go around 3 AM, which is a little crazy, but it’s the best time! All the sales are still going on, but no else is shopping that late, so you don’t have to deal with the crazy crowds. And we usually stick with the outlets instead of the malls or electronics stores because they’re less crowded too. As usual though, we got some great deals and have a lot of our Christmas shopping done already!

I also went to see the movie Elf at a local non-profit movie theater where they have a Christmas quote along every year. It is such a blast to watch my favorite Christmas movie with my family every year. And some people really get into dressing up too, so it’s always fun to see what people do each year. Liam was really disappointed he couldn’t make it, but I had a great time with the rest of my family! We are going to see National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation next week too!


  • Liam and I had such a great time helping out with Denise’s 50th Birthday party last weekend. Courtney and I spent the day on Friday decorating and had so much fun putting it all together!

  • Every year, my family decorates gingerbread houses at my aunt’s house. She hand-makes about 10 gingerbread houses for everyone and all the icing that we use as glue. Everyone brings a few kinds of candy and we decorate our own houses.

Our finished product!

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