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Kristen's August Updates

Snaps for Me!

I’m done with my summer classes!

We became (honorary) Aunt Kristen and Uncle Liam to baby Maverick this month! We are so excited to be a part of his life. We love him so much and we are so excited to meet him in person in two weeks.

Life Updates

August was another busy month for the Lansangs! Thankfully, the weather in PA was beautiful for most of the month. It was not as hot and we had so many days that were 80 and sunny - it was great! We spent many days sitting by my parents pool.

I had a cousin come from California with her family for a week in the beginning of August. She stayed with my parents and their kids played with my brother for a lot of the week. It was so great to visit with them since they haven’t been to the east coast in many years. I also had an aunt and uncle come up from Florida to visit so we had most of the Fistner crew around that week! I am so grateful to have such a large and lovely family :)

Most of the Fistner cousin’s (yes, just the cousins) at my parents house

I had some major changes at my day job too, as my co-worker was recently promoted to Manager! I am so proud and happy for her and really eager to start working on some of the initiatives she is driving. With any luck, I think I will get some really cool projects and great work experiencing now that I will be officially under her guidance.


I finished my second one-credit weekend class and am one step closer to completing my degree. My school offers one-credit classes that are held all day Friday and all day Saturday for just one weekend and you get a whole credit! I signed up for two this summer which was great. I really loved the format because it makes taking a full semester class still very manageable.

Liam and I went to Annapolis, Maryland to celebrate our one year anniversary. We had great weather and really lucked out with our Hotwire hotel; we stayed right downtown! As usual, I forgot to take pictures of us, but I did take some cool photos of the things we saw. The courthouse is open to the public on the weekends and we were able to walk through and have a self-guided tour of the building.

This was the room where President George Washignton resigned in December 23, 1783.

Did you know Annapolis, MD was the temporary national capital from 1783-1784? I learned that on our trip!

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