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Emilie’s September Updates

Snaps for Me!

• Leah and I walked around Target for a whole hour and had so much fun together! I’m always hesitant to take her to the store alone, but she and I laughed and shopped and had the best time!

• I helped my sister-in-law throw our Grandparent’s 60th anniversary party! We made centerpieces and a big photo timeline of their life and it was so special!

Life Updates

I feel like every month that I sit down to write my updates I say, “I can’t believe that the month is almost over!” But here I am again, thinking the same thing! September flew by just like every other month has been.

Leah turned 9 months old this month! I can hardly believe how big she’s getting. This month she’s learned to clap and learned that she can crawl behind the couch (not a fun one for us). This month I’ve noticed her “dancing” to music a lot more on her own! She’s also shown more of an interest in some TV shows such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street, and Barney but she mostly just watches if they’re singing! Another HUGE thing that Leah did was take her first steps! We knew that it would happen soon because this girl is a mover and has been using her walker toy to walk for a couple of weeks now, but it was still a shock when her Daddy held out a toy and off she went (for three steps and then down she went)! 

Did you see our announcement that Zeb and I are welcoming a second baby in April? We can hardly wait for this little one to get here and for Leah to be a big sister! We didn’t find out Leah’s gender until she was born and we plan to do the same with this baby as well. It’s tough to wait but it was SO rewarding to hear Zeb say, “It’s a girl!” with Leah, that I couldn’t dream of not having that moment with the next baby too!


• Zeb started replacing our windows in our house this month! The two that he’s done so far make a HUGE difference already and I can’t wait for them all to be in!

• Zeb bought me tickets to go see Toby Keith for my birthday and the concert was this weekend! It was a great concert and we had so much fun!

• Leah has started sleeping through the night again! We had this weird 3 weeks where she would be up multiple times throughout the night and it was exhausting so we are very thankful for that to be over with!

• I’m 11 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy is already flying by! Nausea hit me really hard this time around so I’m so thankful to be approaching my second trimester!

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