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Emilie's October Updates

Snaps for Me!

  • I’m officially in my second trimester! I had a checkup on Wednesday and I finally got to hear baby’s heartbeat again! I also scheduled my 20 week ultrasound and we are so looking forward to seeing baby for the first time.

  • Leah and I officially go to the store shopping instead of doing grocery pickups! This may not seem like a huge deal, but going grocery shopping alone with her has seemed like a really daunting task to me. So finally taking this leap is a big accomplishment!

Life Updates

Per usual, life has been pretty busy over here at the Eichelberger house! Our October calendar quickly filled up and every week has just flown by with different activities and plans with our families. Choir season at church has started, meaning that Zeb has choir practice once a week and sits up with the choir every Sunday at church again. I’m looking forward to Leah seeing him up there for the first time! Along with Zeb being busy with projects around the house and choir practice, I’ve had a busy month with Plan + Simple. It seems like when we hit October, our calendar is packed full until after the holidays!

Leah turned 10 months old this month and she is a busy girl! Leah loves to dance to music, make a lot of noise, and dump out every bin she can find. She has become a pro at peek-a-boo and will purposely put things over her face for you to ask where she went. She also has started saying “done.” One afternoon I was laying while she was falling asleep for her afternoon nap and after an hour and a half of her being wide awake, she started to say, “Done. Done. Done.” It was so funny even though she skipped her afternoon nap!

My mom and I went shopping for Leah’s first birthday party today! I can’t believe that invitations are going out already and that her party and birthday are coming up! If feels like we just brought our sweet girl home yesterday but everyday she looks more and more like a toddler instead of a baby. I’ve had so much fun planning her party already and I can’t wait to see everything come together!


  • We took Leah to the Pumpkin Patch for the first time and we had the BEST time. I feel like at this age, things are really hit or miss for her. Thankfully this was a hit and she giggled and smiled the whole time. We let her crawl around and she picked out two pumpkins (one for her and one for baby #2)! She also went on her first hayride!

  • We celebrated my mom’s birthday this month! Courtney, Christian, baby Maverick, and my mom came over to our house and we cooked dinner, ate cake, and spent some much needed quality time together! It was only the second time that we were all together at the same time since Mav was born!

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