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Emilie's November Updates

Snaps for Me!

• I’ll be 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow! That means I’m almost halfway through my pregnancy which is so exciting! This Friday (Black Friday) I have my anatomy scan, and we are so looking forward to seeing this little baby.

• All of the decor is bought and put together for Leah’s first birthday party that is happening in TWO WEEKS! How is that even possible?!

Life Updates

Over the last month, Zeb and I have been on a mission to make every room in our house a functioning, baby proof room! Every weekend has been packed full with projects to make this happen and we both have really enjoyed the outcome so far! Our house has three bedrooms, so one of the rooms is ours, the other is Leah’s (although it really wasn’t getting too much use and started to become a catch-all space), and the last room was the “cat room.” Our first step was to move the cats to the basement -- don’t worry! It’s nice and warm down there, and we set it up to be really cozy for them! Moving them down there allowed us to clean up the basement, turn the second bedroom into a playroom with bunk beds (we’re still working in there, but hoping it’ll be a nice playroom by Christmas), and clean out Leah’s room by putting the newborn stuff away! We are SO happy with our progress and can’t wait to keep working at it.

The first year that Zeb and I were married for Christmas, we lived in a pretty small apartment. So when Christmas time rolled around and we bought our first tree, we decided to decorate early because we really didn’t have anywhere to store it! The second year, we were in our new house but I was SO pregnant that we decided to go ahead and decorate before Thanksgiving again, just in case our baby made and early appearance. Now this year, we had no excuse other than we were just too excited to wait to decorate for Christmas! So yes, our lights are hung and lit outside, and our tree is up and turned on through most of the day, and it’s the BEST. Leah loves to look at the lights, and Zeb built an amazing gate to go around the tree to keep her curious hands off of the ornaments!

Zeb and Leah’s birthdays are coming up in less than two weeks --yes, they share a birthday! I’m so excited to celebrate the two of them! We’ve been busy planning for Leah’s big party and trying to enjoy every minute before we officially have a one year old on our hands! This year has flown by! It feels like it was just yesterday that I called Zeb and told him it was time to head to the hospital -- I’ll be sharing that story soon!


• Zeb felt the baby kick for the first time a couple of nights ago! This baby has not been nearly as wiggly as Leah, so it was so special for Zeb and I both to get some really good kicks out of this little one.

• We took Leah to Irwin’s Light up Night and she loved it! I feel like the parade could have been really hit or miss for her since it was so noisy, but she loved watching the fire trucks drive by and listening to the band!

• Leah said “snack” for the first time this month! As a big snack lover myself, it was a VERY proud Mama moment.

• My mom came over and we baked almost all of our Christmas cookies! It was tons of work but tons of fun too!

• My sister (in-law), Lydia, asked me if I wanted to go see a movie this month and it was so nice to chat with her and get out of the house! We saw “Last Christmas” and it was one of those movies where you get to a certain part and can predict the ending -- which I personally love!

• Zeb told me last week that he had a surprise planned for me and that all I needed to know was to be dressed and ready to go at 5:00. I was so excited and confused when Courtney pulled up to my house at 7:00! I was told that she was my ride and everything I needed was in my wallet. It was so nice to chat and catch up with Courtney and then we pulled up to a nail salon! Zeb had made appointments for Courtney and I both to get manicures and pedicures and put the money to pay for them (and tip) in my wallet! It was such a special (and much needed) surprise and definitely earned Zeb the “Husband of the Year” award!

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