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Emilie's July Updates

Snaps for Me!

  • I celebrated my 21st birthday last Saturday! I’m another year older and am officially done with milestone birthdays until I turn 30 (which is crazy)!

  • I have taken over being the main contact person for clients while Courtney waits on her little guy to be here!

  • I took Leah to a store by myself for the first time! If you know me, you’ll know that is a HUGE accomplishment for me!

Courtney training our "new business partner"

  • We got a new business partner! She's still in training, but we think she has great potential (;

Life Updates

Leah playing on Grandpa's boat!

July has been a fun and crazy busy month for us! It seems that within the last month Leah has gone from “baby” to “big girl” in the blink of an eye. She started crawling at the end of June, but through the month of July she has really mastered it and can crawl SO FAST. Every time I turn around she’s in another room and while it’s exhausting to chase her down all day long, it’s so amazing to see her little brain working. Within a week of her crawling, she also started pulling herself up to standing! This new trick of hers has proven to make my days a little bit tricky. She’s fallen and bumped her head too many times to count and while I do my best to follow her around, I just can’t catch her every time! So if that isn’t enough to make you say “she’s getting so big” Leah also started saying “Mama” and “Dada” this month. There is nothing sweeter than hearing those words come out of her mouth. Watching this little girl grow and being her Mama has been such a blessing and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

While Leah has had a busy month of learning and growing, Zeb and I have had a busy month with all of the summertime festivities that have happened. Zeb plays for a church softball league and this year they did their games a little differently. They played twice a week and each game was a double header. Having those games throughout the week made life pretty busy but it was so nice to get outside and to let Leah get a little dirty and play in the dirt and grass. In the month of July, we also spent two long weekends up at the lake. It’s amazing how much more you need to pack when you have a baby!

We also celebrated my birthday, my dad’s birthday, and Zeb’s dad’s birthday this past month! That may seem like a lot of birthdays, but you should see how many birthdays we celebrate between October and March -- It gets crazy!


Waiting for fireworks on the 4th of July!

  • We spent a long weekend at the lake for the 4th of July! It was so much fun and Leah really enjoyed watching and listening to the fireworks.

  • We watched Zeb play at his softball tournament! His team placed third and Leah was *clearly* so excited about it!

Stewart loves boat rides! We spent most of my birthday out on the boat!

  • We celebrated my 21st birthday with not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties! I am SO blessed and I have the best family.

  • Zeb and I went on our first date without the baby! We went to see the Lion King (which was amazing) and then later that week, we went on another date (without Leah) to a fair at the lake. It was so nice to have time for just the two of us, but we definitely missed our Leah girl!

  • Leah officially likes to go on boat rides and doesn't scream her head off wearing her life jacket! She actually has fallen asleep on every boat ride she’s been on, which is a big win in my book.

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