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Emilie's August Updates

Snaps for Me!

  • We tried to move Leah to her crib this past week during naptime (she still sleeps in our room next to our bed) and it was the WORST. She typically puts herself to sleep within 10 minutes but in the crib it took her 30+ minutes to get to sleep and then she would only sleep for 30-40 minutes tops. It was rough, and after a week and a half of no change, we decided to go back to the pack n play for now. I’m counting trying it for a whole week and a half as a win though!

Life Updates

I can’t believe that August is almost over! Between trips to the lake and baby Maverick being born, August has just flown by. This past month Leah’s personality has come out more and more. She gives the silliest cheesy smiles when she’s excited and she has been talking up a storm. Leah can now say Mama, Dada, No no, and more! I can’t believe that in just a few short months we’re going to have a one year old. Time needs to slow down!

Another exciting thing that is happening with us Eichelberger’s is that we’re getting a new car! We had been eyeing up some more spacious cars for a while now, but when we saw this specific car online, we couldn’t pass it up! We’re going to have room to seat 8 people, we have a DVD player and a built in vacuum — AKA every Mom’s dream. While I’m sad to see our current car go, (It’s not going far! Zeb’s brother is buying it) I can’t wait to upgrade and have more room for going back and forth to the lake. Fun fact — our current car was my VERY FIRST car and my first “adult” purchase.

While I love the summertime -- it’s my favorite season -- we got a little taste of Fall weather at the lake last weekend and it got me super excited for the leaves to change and temperatures to cool off! Summer 2019 was packed full of fun but I’m looking forward to experiencing “hoodie season” with Leah for the first time!


  • Zeb and I officially have the title of “Uncle Zeb and Aunt Emilie.” Our sweet nephew, Maverick, was born on August 10th and we love him so much! Leah isn’t too sure what to think about him yet and she mostly just ignores him, but we’ve had a few sweet moments where she has paid attention to him!

  • If you ask Leah “how big are you,” she’ll put her arms up over her head for you to say “sooooo big!” It’s the sweetest! We always clap for her and say “Yay!” and she’s starting to clap for herself too!

  • Leah knows how to wave now! She makes you work for it, but if you tell her "Hi, Leah!" and wave at her, she'll wave back! It's the sweetest.

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