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Denise’s 50th Birthday Party

Hi everyone! Being the master blogger, Emilie is typically the one to write posts like this one where we talk about an event that we got to take part in. Because Emilie couldn’t be there on the actual day of the event, however, I get the chance to write this one - yay! I hope you all enjoy!

- Courtney

Last month, we had the opportunity to work with Denise and her family for the second time. We LOVE repeat clients - it’s so nice walking into a consultation already knowing a client‘s style, wants, needs, and expectations! The first time we worked with Denise, we were planning her son Scott’s high school graduation party. Being a person with autism, Scott’s graduation was an EXTRA HUGE milestone in his life that we were so honored to be a part of. This time around, we were celebrating Denise as she hit a milestone birthday - her 50th!

We knew this event was coming because it was mentioned at Scott’s party, but we didn’t complete an initial consultation until a month or two later. This happened to fall when I was on maternity leave! That meant that Emilie had to take the lead on this one. She and I talked a bit behind the scenes, but Emilie really brought Denise’s sister Carmen’s vision to life. We started off knowing just a few things - they wanted to bring their own food, Denise loves being in the spotlight, and they wanted us to incorporate Hollywood, Betty Boop, and masquerade vibes. We got to work mapping out the decor to fit the theme and finding a venue that is elegant but also allows outside food. This is no easy task, but Emilie was up for the challenge! She booked The Manchester Room in Trafford, PA, and we settled on all of the decor. I created an invitation to be sent out on Facebook, and Emilie walked Carmen through the process of creating an event online and inviting friends and family.

Graphic design is something I really enjoy and don't get to do too much. I had a lot of fun creating this invitation!

Leading up to the party, we did some ordering and prep work, and also secured serving and bartending staff. Most of the work happened the week leading up to the event as we inventoried everything that we ordered, put together centerpieces, and finished up the last little details.

Finally, the party day was here! Kristen and Liam were driving out to help with setup and work the event, but in the morning, I was on my own - or was I? The morning of an event is always massively stressful. There are always a handful of things that you simply cannot do any sooner. Thankfully, my awesome father-in-law stepped in and did some of the running for me. I don’t know if I could have gotten it all done without him, so I’m very grateful!

Setup went pretty smoothly, and we were super excited with how things looked before guests and the birthday girl arrived!

These fun feather centerpieces turned out to be one of my favorites, and I'm so glad we went with red linen napkins - this table really pops!
Denise loves balloons and being in the spotlight, so we knew this would be a great way to have her make a red carpet entrance!
Card box with a tiny Betty Boop! You can also see the black lace masquerade masks all ready to go!
How stunning is this cake from Oakmont Bakery?!
Emilie had the awesome idea to use a Betty Boop poster in place of a guestbook. Here it is waiting to be signed!
The full cake and guest table, with more balloons for good measure!

Denise’s 50th birthday party ended up being a lot of fun to work! Her guests were all so kind, and we knew a handful of them from Scott’s party. It was wonderful to see them all enjoying themselves - it really makes all of the hard work worth it! At the end of the night, we got hugs and thank yous from Denise, and then came some more wonderful news. Denise would like us to plan an event for her other son next - his wedding! We’re so looking forward to it, and can’t wait to see this wonderful family again in September!

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