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Courtney's November Updates

We totally forgot to get a family photo on Thanksgiving until we were all in jammies! I love it, though. I'll always remember what a fun but tiring day we had!

Snaps for Me!

  • This Thursday, we hosted 15 people for Thanksgiving, and dinner was only a half hour late. Not perfect, but I'll take it. Hosting with a less than 4 month old baby is not the easiest task!

  • This past month, I have gotten to do consultations with so many new couples. It is absolutely the best.

November has been one heck of a month for me! We've been super busy, but it's been so exciting! The P+S Team kicked off the month with a wedding at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Laura and Travis had the most gorgeous wedding day! We coordinated and handled setup and breakdown, but they themselves had handled a lot of the planning. Everything turned out to be so elegant and romantic. A huge congratulations to the lucky couple who will soon be celebrating their one month anniversary!

How amazing is the Big Red Room at the Children's Museum? Not only was it a super cool venue, but their staff was incredible!

The day after Laura and Travis said "I do" was a big one, as well! We attended Cavanaugh's BrideShow at the Monroeville Convention Center. It was our first one, so it was tons of work to prepare for, but it was so worth it! We got to meet so many amazing brides, gave away some fun prizes, and made friends with other vendors who attended. I'd call that a win-win-win!

Just one of the fun things we gave away at the bridal show!

The very next day, I started my new job at KinderCare! It was a very busy first week of November, and things haven't really slowed down! I've been working and teaching Transitional Kindergarten, doing lots of work for Plan + Simple, and preparing for the holidays. This is my favorite time of year, so all of the hustle and bustle doesn't bother me! I can't wait until tomorrow, the first day of December, to start the countdown to our little man's first Christmas!


  • I was honestly pretty worried about going back to work part time and leaving Maverick with someone else during the day! It worked out so well, though, because I am in the room right next door! There is a little window I can peek through to look at him, and on days that I work long enough to get a break, I get to go in and snuggle him for a bit. I think that would be the highlight of most any mama's day!

  • I was a little nervous about Maverick with a crowd of people at our house on Thanksgiving, but he was a champ! He smiled and giggled at everyone, played all day, and even took a little nap!

  • Also on Thanksgiving, Maverick tried big boy food for the first time! I was so sure that he was ready, and it being a big eating holiday, I thought we should give it a go. He got to taste puréed sweet potatoes. It took just a few seconds for him to realize "hey, I like this stuff!" It looks like he's on track to remain the good eater that he always has been!

One of my favorite things about KinderCare is that I get a picture of Maverick from one of his teachers every day!

Maverick enjoying his sweet potatoes!

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