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Courtney's July Updates

Christian and I at my company picnic at Kennywood

Can you believe that July is almost over?! Half of the summer has come and gone so quickly! I’m super excited to share my July updates with you. Our business by nature is super personal -- we get to share in some of the biggest and most important days in our clients lives! It only seems right that we let you all in to see what’s going on in our lives, as well. All that being said, here are my July updates!

Snaps for Me!

  • Yesterday was officially my last day of work before my baby boy arrives! I can’t wait to use the beginning of my maternity leave for some much needed relaxation.

  • Baby’s nursery is completely set up, all of his clothes are washed and put away, our birth center bags are packed, and the car seat is installed. We’re ready for ya any time now, little guy!

Life Updates

Life has seriously been SO CRAZY as we’ve been preparing for the arrival of our baby boy. Christian and I are incredibly excited to be first-time parents, but there is a lot to get ready! Though we had our baby shower at the very beginning of June, life happened, and we didn’t get to sorting out and going through everything until the beginning of this month. I’m kind of glad we did it that way -- it gave us the chance to look at and appreciate all of the generous gifts we got all over again! While that was such a wonderful and fun thing to experience, we quickly realized that this little man has quite a lot of stuff. Who knew how many things a baby would need?!

Check out all of those gifts in the bathroom. We are so blessed!

As the setup of the nursery, sorting, folding, tag cutting, and organizing got underway, we quickly realized that we might be in over our heads. There was so much to do at home, but Christian and I also had a very busy July with work! For the entire month of July, I was set to teach STEM Girlz, a summer camp for middle school girls who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This camp was an all-day, every-day thing, while my job during the rest of the year only involves teaching after school classes three evenings a week. This change of schedule made it tricky to keep the work-life balance in check. Knowing that I may have to bow out early (which I did, so thankfully I prepared for it!), I also had to complete all of my prep in advance. Planning a month’s worth of lessons, labs, and activities is no small feat! On top of that, Christian spent the first half of July job hunting. He had so many interviews, I honestly couldn’t count them. He ended up with three amazing offers, accepted a position as a System Engineer, and is now settling into his new career path -- I am so incredibly proud of him and impressed with how he handled the entire journey. Christian, you rock! Though things ended up working out for us both job wise, it did take away from prepping for our little one, which is our absolute first priority. We knew it was time to call in for reinforcements -- the moms!

Notes and activities from our DNA day at STEM Girlz! They made edible DNA models and DNA base pair bracelets.

Christian and I have really awesome parents. They’re so supportive, and while we sometimes get tired of their constant offers to help (sorry, I know you guys are reading this!), it is seriously so nice to know that they’re always there for us when we need it. I’m personally blessed to have two moms, my mom and my stepmom, Colleen. When my mother-in-law, Diane, is thrown into the mix, that’s three awesome ladies that I have on my side! How cool is that?! Unfortunately, Colleen recently had back surgery and has been out of commission for baby setup duties, but between the two other moms, we’ve been able to pull it all together. They’ve come and spent days with us helping to clean and organize so the house is ready for a new baby, and we appreciate them so much. We’re finally to the point where we can say that little man is free to come anytime because we are as ready as new parents can be! He is due on August 2nd, a week and six days from now, so we finished up just in time!

It doesn't look like much, but I'm so happy with our cozy and tidy nursery!


  • My friend and former coworker from my time spent teaching in Maryland came up at the beginning of the month for a visit. We celebrated the Fourth of July, went to Kennywood, went to a Pirates game, and had an awesome time all five days she was here!

  • Our friends, Jake and Victoria, came over for game night. We hung out and played games for a while, and then Jake so graciously volunteered to help Christian build baby’s dresser. We’re so blessed to have amazing friends!

  • Just this week we had a “false alarm” run to the birth center. While it was disappointing to come home without baby, it gave us good practice for the big day and prompted us to finish getting everything together! Emilie, Zeb, and Leah came to help us pack our bags and install the car seat. When we headed to the center, they stuck around and did some tidying around the house and set up our Pack N’ Play. I’m so grateful for them and how they always jump in to help when we really need it!

Christian, Kristen, and I at the Pirates game

Jake and Christian working hard to build the baby's dresser

Miss Leah wanted to stow away in our suitcase to come meet her baby cousin at the birth center!

The next time you hear from me will likely be to announce baby’s arrival! Until then, I hope you all enjoy the remaining days of summer -- it goes by too fast!

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