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8 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

A lot of people have the same questions when planning an event. Is it worth it to hire an event planner? Can’t I do it on my own? Can’t I just assign different tasks to my family members? The answer to all three of those questions is yes! It’s your day! You can choose to plan it however you’d like. When it comes to handing the reins over to an event planner though, there are definitely more pros than cons. Here are 8 reasons to hire an event planner.

1. They Allow You to Live in the Moments, Not in the Details

Details and moments are both needed to really make an event unique and fun! While moments are magical and unforgettable, details tend to be tedious and stressful. Event planners make sure that every sparkler is lit before your big sparkler exit, or that all 500 of your placecards are set up perfectly. Did you buy your fresh flowers in bulk and completely forget that someone has to put them out at the reception venue in the morning? Don’t worry. Your event planner is on it.

2. They Handle the Day of Mishaps

No event goes off without a hitch! If you think you’ve been to a flawless event, there was probably an excellent event planner behind the scenes silently fixing the mix ups. Imagine this - It’s your wedding day! You’ve dreamed about this day for what seems like forever. You’re spending the morning getting ready and trying to calm your nerves when you get a phone call from one of your family members. They tell you that they were moving your giant wedding cake and they slipped and dropped it, ruining the whole thing. “What do you want me to do?” they ask you. This was probably the last thing you were expecting on your big day! You might have no idea how to fix such an overwhelming mistake. Thankfully, your event planner is the main contact for every vendor and family member who has tasks to complete. They can swoop in, fix the problem quickly and quietly, and you can continue with your day! You never even have to think about it.

3. They Take Care of the Details That are Easy to Forget

There are so many small, but important, details to think about when planning an event. It’s so easy to forget something important when making your long to-do lists. You may not remember to make an order for your wedding party to walk down the aisle or forget to give your final count to the bakery. With an event planner, their sole purpose is to remember the things that might have slipped your mind and to take care of them so that you don’t need to stress.

4. They Help Narrow Down the Vendors

Every area has an overwhelming list of local vendors. There are hundreds of caterers, photographers, DJ’s, bartenders, etc. Event planners can narrow down your crazy list of vendors to a handful of top contentenders. They’ll help find the best of the best for you to choose from. Aside from picking the ideal vendors with you, your event planner will do the research and help you find the ones that fit right in your budget!

5. They Create a Timeline

Unless you’re having a “come and go as you please” kind of an event, a detailed, logical timeline is a necessity. Timelines help your event run smoothly and are essential in making sure that everything that you wanted gets done! Having been to countless wedding showers, weddings, graduation parties, etc., event planners know the most logical way for your day to go, keeping you and your guest happy.

6. They Save You Money

I know what you’re thinking. How does an event planner save me money when I have to pay for their service? Event planners are great at keeping you within your budget. They have the knowledge to tell you whether a service you’re considering is worth the extra cash and to tell you when you might be overpaying for a service. Event planners do all of the research for you, making sure that they stick right to your budget.

7. They Design Unique Events

There are so many common trends with different events. If you search “wedding” hundreds of similar themes and decor pop up. It’s so difficult to have a unique event now, especially if you’re not the most creative person. That’s where your event planner comes in. Event planners are creative individuals who love to come up with fresh ideas to really make your vision of your event a reality. Even if you did come up with your own creative idea but you really aren’t the crafty type, event planners will gladly execute the idea for you.

8. They Allow Your Family Members to Enjoy the Event

I come from a family that is “all hands on deck” when an event comes up. Most of my family loves to pitch in anyway that they can, which is great! However, some families just aren’t like that. Event planners allow your family members to sit back and relax, without the stress of remembering thousands of tasks. Your event planner takes care of everything the morning of so that your immediate family can spend the morning getting ready with you. Even if your family insists on helping, your event planner can help to keep everyone on task and to keep everything true to your vision.

So if you’re stuck and wondering “is it worth it to go all in and hire the event planner?” The answer is yes! Event planners take away the stress and add to the magic of your special event.

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